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Much needed steam cleaner now at Woody Bay

We are pleased to report that Surrey Group has been able to assist the L&B with £1000 sponsorship towards this useful bit of kit that will save the railway having to rent one at about £500 each time it is needed.

Steam Cleaner at Woody Bay

The initial use will be to clean the coach bogies which have to be removed for maintenance this winter and no doubt it will find many other uses.

Phil Rawstron,
Surrey Group Treasurer

Martin Swainson, Trust Treasurer, has passed on his thanks as follows:

Dear Phil,

The cheque from the Surrey group, cleared today; thank you.

Please pass our thanks, on behalf of all staff, volunteers, directors, trustees and L&B members, to the Surrey group for its contribution towards the purchase of the steam washer.

The use of this piece of kit will greatly aid the vital maintenance of the carriages and locomotives.

Kind regards,


Barry Marshall responded as follows:

Thank you for your kind words.

May I add my thanks to my fellow members of Surrey Group. past and present, who have made such efforts over the past decades to raise the profile of the railway and to raise much-needed funds to support Trust projects.

It is always appreciated that we are able to transfer funds to specific items of expenditure such as this, giving us visibility of exactly where funds raised by our efforts have been spent, and to such obvious benefit to the effective running of our business and the development of our own piece of North Devon railway heritage.

Regards to all, stay safe, 

Surrey Group Chairman


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