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Chelfham Progress – November 2021

Those who saw our recent work over the Forum/Remembrance weekend will be pleased to know we have further progressed removal of the garage and workshed on the up-platform.

The ex-parapet viaduct bricks from the garage walls have all been cleaned of mortar and stacked neatly along the side of trackbed store area, approx 1200 now.

On Sunday we took down half of the workshed and removed the dividing block wall. Next week, we should be able to remove the other block wall side and front bricked area underneath the window.

The 'new' rebuilt Gents stonework has now been revealed for the first time and is looking good. The workshop door has been adapted to fit in the doorway into the Gents. We have bought new clear roofing sections to install soon above the Gents.

However we do have one pile of broken blockwork to dispose of now and with another one soon, we will need a skip to remove the blocks.

In other news, Chris Lane collected donated iron railings panels from the Mid Hants Railway using our new truck and trailer last Saturday. Two and a half panels will be used at Chelfham to complete the up-platform fence line, whilst the other four could be used elsewhere on the railway.

The new temporary up-platform wooden shed for Frank's metal salvaging projects and some equipment storage seem to be working well. We hope to relocate this shed and the S&T shipping container next year, to enable the completion of the upside restoration.

At the December 1st National Railway Heritage Awards ceremony, Chelfham Station was awarded the Hendy & Pendle Trust Volunteers Award. More details HERE.

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson.



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