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Work Progress of Van 23 (8 Ton Bogie Goods Brake Van)


Progress of Van 23 (8 Ton Bogie Goods Brake Van).

In 1993, fifty-eight years after closure of the L&BR in 1935, the remnants of Van 23 were discovered in a field at Georgeham (near to Braunton in North Devon). The following year in 1994, the body had been donated to the L&BRA and moved to a site near Bridgewater for restoration by the Bristol Area Group. Completed by 2003, in March of that year, Van 23 was delivered to Woody Bay where it was placed on blocks in the station loading dock to await the sourcing of the bogies.

The work currently being undertaken is to bring it to a standard which permits its use in our passenger train services, and is being progressed at two separate locations. Work to the wooden body at the L&BR’s Carriage & Wagon Works is being handled at Fridaywood Farm in Essex, and the underframe and bogies, at the L&BR’s Workshop at Rowley Moor Farm.

Here are some photos recently taken at Fridaywood Farm:

1. Dave Ely and Tim Chandler with the guard's end of Van 23.

2. One of the Guard's doors undergoing repair.

3. Tim Chandler treating the new timber.

These photos were taken at Rowley Moor Farm:

4. John Uphill has also been busy at Rowley Moor Farm. Here is the nearly completed underframe of Van 23.

5. An end-on view of the underframe for Van 23. 

6. As well as manufacturing the underframe, John Uphill has been also working on the bogies. 

Donations gratefully received towards re-building Van 23 and indeed for all the workshop projects. Click HERE to donate.

Words by Keith Vingoe & Chris Dadson, all photos by Charles Summers.


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