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L&B display at Basingstoke Model Railway Exhibition

On Saturday 12 March and Sunday 13 March members of the L&B Thames Valley Group were busy manning our stand at the Basingstoke Model Railway Exhibition (MRE). The last time we had taken the stand to a MRE was the same show in March 2020 (pre Covid) so it was very appropriate to resume our activity of promoting the L&BR where we had to pause for a break two years ago.

John Jones managed to take this atmospheric photograph just before the show opened to the public. There was a skylight in the ceiling just above our stand and this allowed a shaft of sunlight to spotlight the map of the railway. The electric lights were controlled by a movement sensor so had switched themselves off at this particular moment. Once people were moving around the area was uniformly bathed in artificial light.

We were situated in an excellent position. By the time visitors arrived at the L&B stand they had already passed through one large hall containing layouts and traders. They could now choose to turn left, and see the displays in two more halls, or turn right and visit displays in the gym. This meant that everyone had to go past our stand several times giving us ample opportunity to engage them in conversation and to tell them of the delights of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

It was good to meet with a number of L&B members. Even better, we signed up a new member and quite a few non-members told us they would join the L&B using the online facility which can be found by clicking here

More than 1500 adults and about 700 children visited the two day MRE – the show organisers were very pleased with the result of their hard work.

Thanks are due to John Crockford, Stuart Wise and John Elvin for their help on the Saturday and to Roger Beazer and John Jones for all their assistance on the Sunday, especially with the clearing up at the end of the weekend!

We are now looking forward to taking our stand to Narrow Gauge South at Barton Peveril College in Eastleigh on Saturday 23 April – click here for more details.

Mike Pearce

Thames Valley Group Leader

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