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EAST Group Update, May 2021


Further reopening of the workshop for volunteers from 17th May 2021.

Restrictions remain subject to government virus control regulations.

The sun has arrived and there is lots of work for Friday Wood Farm Volunteers. From Monday 17 we enter Stage 3 of the planned relaxations of Covid 19 restrictions. This means that there will be a little more freedom for us to work within Fridaywood Farm Workshop.

There is certainly plenty to do, to maintain safety please continue to book your attendance with Dave Ely (07473-655322). Dave must ensure that social distancing can be maintained in the workshop at all times, so booking is essential. We will be operating a traceability system so signing in is even more important now.​

Remember that shops and cafés will be open, but booking may be necessary or bring sandwiches and a flask. The toilets at FWF are open, we recommend that you bring sanitising wipes. Hand gel sanitizer is available in the workshop. Please read the Workshop rules.

Reopening of Trust's Carriage Workshop to Volunteers.

The Workshop will further reopen to volunteers on 17th May 2021.

The following rules are instituted to cope with Covid-19 will apply until further notice: 

1. If you have any symptoms of Covid -19 after attending the workshop, you must not return to the workshop and, after taking medical advice, inform David Ely, Steve Arthurs, or Charles Summers of the date when you last visited the site.

2. We are now in Step 3, Volunteers are restricted to a maximum of 6 each day and must book their day with David Ely (phone No 07473-655322) beforehand.

3. On arrival Volunteers should sign in and report to David Ely who will allocate their task and work area Volunteers must keep still keep 2 metres away from anyone else until social distancing is relaxed.

4. Occasionally David or another Volunteer may require assistance with moving a heavy or awkward item. If this means that a distance of 2 metres is cannot be maintained, then a face mask and gloves will be required during this activity (bring your own).

5. The Mess room is out of bounds to all Volunteers, It is reserved for the use of David Ely only. Volunteers should bring a vacuum flask or other drink for their own use and their own mug. If bringing sandwiches, chairs are available for sitting outside or by the main door keeping 2 metres distance.

6. The toilets on site are used by all people working on the farm and units. If you need to use these facilities, we recommend that you bring sanitising wipes and use the sanitizer provided in the workshop with each visit and when arriving and leaving.

7. Please use these rules to protect yourself and others.

If you feel able to attend and help with the rebuild of Van 23, you will be most welcome. If you are unable to help at the moment, don't worry, your time will come.​

Workshop News and Status of Van 23

We have all the timber required for the sole bars, cant rails, framing, roof and panelling of Van 23. The softwoods have been treated with 3 coats of wood preservative and are steadily being painted with two coats of primer and two coats of undercoat.

The underframe is being fabricated at Woody Bay and the bogies have been modified. The brake gear and couplings are on order.

The Guard's Doors are being worked on, as are the sliding doors. New oak has been ordered for these to replace the bracing sections as well as sections of the frame and where the corner joints have been damaged by woodworm and/or rotted out.

The van ends are due to be taken apart ready to be remade when assistance is available.

Roof ribs are now cleaned and planed to size; work continues on these.

Building will commence on stillages, so that the underframe can be run under the body when it is delivered.

Donations gratefully received towards re-building Van 23 and indeed for all the workshop projects. Click HERE to donate.

Steve Arthurs


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