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EAST Group Update: December 2020


December report from EAST headquarters

Some of the doors of the 5 carriages now in use at Woody Bay are 120 years old and do from time to time require repairs. The needed repair work will be undertaken by EAST in Essex, but doors removed from vehicles will mean the carriages are left unsecured and also open to the environment. To counter this situation, we are manufacturing a pair of  'Door Blanks' for use at Woody Bay when carriage doors are removed from site for repair. The 'Door Blanks' will be temporarily fixed in position by a pair of horizontal clamps secured inside the carriage.

1 & 2. The 'Door Blanks' for use when a carriage door is removed for repairs. 

Meanwhile work continues on Van 23

3. The roof beams for Van 23 under construction.

Also, the new steel underframe has been designed and is now being constructed.


Words and photos by Charles Summers


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