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Works at Bridwick Farm - July 2021 UPDATED August 1st

Keith Lamprey has sent us this series of photos of the completed drainage and culvert clearance work above Bridwick Farm.

1. Locations of the works at Bridwick Farm.

The French side of the culvert showing the reinforcing bags that will act as support to that side of the bank.

The view from the Welsh side looking up the bank. The tree is a useful marker

The views from a train will be quite spectacular here.

Just above Bridwick Farm and closer to Bridge 55, another culvert has received attention.

The Welsh side looking up the bank.

Looking towards Bridge 55 and Blackmoor Gate byond. Original fence posts to the right.

Photos: Keith Lamprey.

Chris Duffell also went for a walk along this section of trackbed and has sent us these images.

This is the French side of the culvert nearest Bridge 54.

The culvert nearer Bridge 55.

The trackbed looking towards Wistlandpound and there's that tree again!

Same location - looking towards the A39 and Bridwick Farm to the left.

Photos: Chris Duffell

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