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Work in Progress: Thursday 6th February


Roadworks TriangleNot long until Half Term reopening!

With the Railway soon opening for the 2020 season on Sunday 16th February, there's lots to be done and today we were blessed with good dry and bright weather.

Transhipment siding - the work continues.

1. & 2. The new 50lb. rails being fastened to the new sleepers.

3. Works train alongside.

4. Tim Woods leans on his shovel with PILTON behind in the splendid sunshine.

5. Regular Wednesday Guard, James Pearl has spent much time this week cleaning and polishing the carriages ready for use. Today James cleaned Carriage No.16 stabled in the loading dock.

6. With Paint Shop Boys leader, Jim Pounds, absent today (recovering at home), Barrie Cann and Phil Dixon managed a sneaky coffee and cake break in between their efforts on Carriage No.11.

7. & 8. Later Phil and Barrie resumed more preparation work as part of the repair programme on this vehicle.

CHARLES WYTOCK refurbishment. A sizeable team were at work on this today.

9. Steve Hilsdon and Chris Shields.

10. Chris Shields & 11. Tom Woods.

12. Dave Hallett.

The refit and re-merchandising in the shop is almost complete.

13. Clive Robey and Anne Belsey move the DVD cabinet across to a position near the doorway.

14. Dave Drayson - with ladder - makes his way to another maintenance task.

Other transhipment siding work.

15. In the shed, engineer John Uphill has been fabricating new rail plates for the new turnout.

16. These plates fit under the switch rail.

17. Don Wood a regular Thursday gang volunteer poses for the camera....

18. .....and then joins all the others: Dave, Nick, Martin and Pete.

19. The gang lift the new rails onto the new sleepers.

20. The turnout gradually taking shape. The gang with the works train beyond.

21. Martin Harvey with the drill - as the new rails are fixed to gauge this afternoon.

Text and photos by Nigel Thompson

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