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Work in Progress: Thursday 30th January


Roadworks Triangle"But it's only a siding!"

The upgrade of the transhipment siding continued today. The regrading and renewal of sleepers along this turnout will allow for easier access for all the rolling stock - both resident and visiting - that goes over this point.

1. This morning's work for the track gang was to detach all the rails from the left hand turnout which leads to the transhipment siding/headshunt from the loading dock and/or the up platform.

2. Earlier in the week, Martyn Budd - using the excavator - had dug out the old ballast to a lower level to accommodate the new heavier rail and deeper sleepers.

3. Meanwhile another gang were tasked with tidying and putting away all the fencing and other tools used at the last working weekend (see HERE).

4. A quiet Woody Bay Station with small works locomotive HEDDON HALL stabled alongside the carriages.

5. Paint Shop Boys busy with work on Carriage No.11.

6. Tom Woods was busy with work on more of the frames of Bagnall locomotive CHARLES WYTOCK.

Transhipment siding progress.

7. The rails and old sleepers were removed. The ballast and spoil dug out to the lower level with materials moved to and from the site by PILTON with the works train.

8. The new sleepers (numbered in order for the varying length along the turnout) are laid out on the base ballast.

9. Later in the day with the new rails laid on top of the sleepers, the team began the process of connecting up and securing these to the sleepers.

10. Still lots to do, but at least with the rails back in place, the upgrade of this turnout with new hardwood sleepers can be seen clearly.

Text and photos by Nigel Thompson

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