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Work in Progress: Thursday 12th March


Roadworks TriangleWindy Bay!

Nigel Thompson returns to provide us with this week's report from Woody Bay.

Cold and windy, we're open and plenty of activity on the L&B today

1. Woody Bay Station.

2. The Booking Office/Shop looks inviting as Anne Belsey and Rob Baker await the visitors.

3. New Railway books and other items on display under a new banner heralding our recent accolade.

4. The ever popular second-hand bookshop is always well stocked and offers not only railway books, but other general topics too.

5, 6, & 7. The Victorian Tea-Rooms - well presented and ready.....

8. .....for today's offerings!

9. & 10. LYN arrives at Woody Bay with today's train.

11. Footplate crew, Driver Graham Bridge and Fireman Malcolm Smith.

12. Regular Thursday Guard Bob Ayres.

-Thursday Gang at Work:

13. Dave Evans painting in the Victorian Gents.

14. In the workshop, Peter Wainwright and Tom Woods carrying out repairs to the pony truck of Bagnall locomotive CHARLES WYTOCK.

15. Activity in the Paint Shop as Jim Pounds and Phil Dixon discuss the carriage straps Carriage 11.

16. Barrie Cann in action, rubbing down.

17. Geoff Long busy inside a compartment.

18. Phil Dixon affixes new leather window straps recently purchased from a local supplier.

19. Car park pot hole filling for Tim Woods and Pete Smith.


20. Hunslet Diesel D6652 on the transhipment siding. This locomotive has recently undergone an overhaul and awaits the fitting of a new air compressor.

21. PILTON with Carriage 16 in the loading dock.

22. FAITH had a rare outing from the shed as a test prior to the  local-residents weekend footplate rides.

23. AXE was also shunted out during an afternoon of positioning of all the locomotives.

Work at Killington Lane

The track gang braved the cold wind to resume more sleeper renewals along the loop line at Killington Lane.

24, 25 & 26. The Track Gang at work.

27. LYN against the landscape at Killington Lane.

28. Ready to return to Woody Bay.

29. Guard's Jim Price and Bob Ayres in the cosy Guards Brake Compartment as the train returns to Woody Bay.

Text and photos by Nigel Thompson

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