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WIP at home: Thursday 30th April Part I

Roger Bye has put together this feature regarding the “heritage” lighting at Woody Bay. Part 2 will feature details of the work involved in producing the lanterns.

1. As can be seen in this picture taken in 1935 by W Vaughan-Jenkins, lighting was installed on the down platform at Woody Bay - although the provision was not exactly generous.

2. As part of the restoration of the down platform, “replica” electric lamps, were installed in 2004 .

3. Sadly, the wooden posts of these lamp posts eventually succumbed to the ravages of the North Devon climate and in late 2019 they were removed. As well as restoring the original lighting, requirements had arisen for “heritage” lighting other areas of the site.

4. Over the past few years work has been in hand to procure suitable cast iron lamp posts. The first light was installed on the route to the toilet block, this being the most important feature of any heritage railway!  A very heavy cast iron period post was installed. It is amazing how many railway jobs involve digging deep holes.

5. A power supply was provided successfully, although the easily accessible cable proved to be less accessible than had been anticipated.

6. Here the cable in its protective ducting can be seen projecting from the post top as Nigel paints the post.

7. The next step was to fix a suitable lantern to the post and then provide a light source.  Dave, having rejected the “easy” option of a conventional lamp holder and bulb had a “light bulb moment” and thought that as the originals were oil lamps, it would be a good idea to make a dummy oil lamp base with a glass chimney. The final touch would be to use some of the intriguing configurations that LEDs were making possible.

8. 9. &  10.These pictures show the remarkable success of Dave’s work.

Of necessity, much of the work described above was carried out on-site. However, Dave worked on the lanterns at home and continues to do so in the current situation. The details of how he achieved this brilliant (!) effect will be revealed next week!

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Wow! Amazing that the lamps appear to be oil lit - but in fact are LED bulbs! Great how such classic installation ensure the area is kept to its past historic routes!

By Lee Temple

Beautifully done by all involved. At first I thought that the Oil Lamp concept might have been a bit of overkill, however they turned out to be fantastically done. Please pass onto Dave our congratulations on a job well thought out. It's amazing what can be achieved when you have you have way too much time on your hands.
We will be back for a future visit.
Cheers, Ron & Glenys Jupe.

By Ron Jupe

Brilliant - in all meanings of the word>
Excellent job.
Well done.

By Sam Burgess

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