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WIP at home: Part II Thursday 23rd April

As was promised last week, here is part 2 of the Tyers ETT machine saga from Roger Bye.

The first machines, in various states, arrived at Woody Bay in 2014. Since then Don, Trevor and Malcolm have been unravelling the 300 parts for each machine including 7 electro magnets/relays, 6 contact switches, and 22 moving levers, plus numerous bolts and nuts.

1. This is what we are aiming operational Tyers ETT machine in all its glory!

2. A refurbished baseplate complete with the polished side lever. Hopefully, future signalmen will always operate the levers with a cloth, as it takes ages to recover a pitted surface.

3. Two refinished lockable side panels. These fit on to the sides of the base of the machine. The keys for the locks have disappeared into the mists of time. Don has made keys for some refurbished machines and Malcolm has purchased blanks and will try his hand at Locksmithing!

4. The domed wooden case is secured to the base with special screws, some of which were missing,

5. New screws were needed and had to be made – the top one is an original and the lower a replacement.

6. & 7. The front and back views of the reassembled, re-veneered and finished wooden case.

8. And finally, a photo to remind us that this is only part of the work that is required to bring these machines into operation. All the electro-mechanical parts have to be refitted.

The work home

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Once again, an example of the exquisite craftsmanship and engineering excellence being brought to bear for the L&B Project. It seems the railway will be able to reproduce enough entirely new instruments to complete the whole line. Hats off to all those involved. A remarkable effort. Thank you!

By Martyn de Young

I have a Tyers catch handle economiser contact which I use as a paperweight. Would this be of use for anything?

By John Berry

Hi John, Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for your kind offer. I am afraid that I dont have an immediate answer to your question, as I am not familiar myself with this component. However, as it will be necessary to interlock signals with the tablet instruments, it could well be of use to the L&B. Would it be possible for you to send an email to, enclosing a photo of the item? I should then be able to get in touch with you directly. Thanks again - Malcolm Kitchen (volunteer)

By Malcolm Kitchen

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