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Volunteering update July 11th

Back in early April, Paint Shop Boy, Barrie Cann came up with the bright idea of a Zoom call for the Thursday volunteer gang as we weren’t able to get together to carry out any maintenance.

We started off on Thursday mornings (which subsequently moved to Monday mornings), but as Government advice trickled through, we were able to start formulating a plan as to what needed doing for the eventual reopening.

We broke this down into essential work. At the time, the ‘essential’ was simply fishplate-greasing and grass-cutting, although other tasks such as platform work were latterly included.

The shed roof had some damage, mainly caused by rooks getting in making a mess over the stored rolling stock and loco’s.

A COVID questionnaire and guidelines were drawn up for every volunteer who was to visit the site. It was then agreed that we would only have a maximum of six volunteers and one PICOW (Person in charge of work) on site at any one time. Clive Robey co-ordinated the offers of help via a roster giving details of who was doing what on any given day.

As the fishplate-greasing and the grass-cutting continued through to Killington Lane, attention has now turned to sleeper changing. All of this has been undertaken whilst abiding to social distancing guidelines.

Plans are at present being worked up for the re-opening of the railway on Saturday 18th July.

The re-opening will require additional volunteers to assist when we do - please email me if you are willing to offer your services.

Further updates will be posted here.

Clive Robey
Operations Director

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