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Preparing for the L&B Reopening Plans - April 2021

Preparation work for the reopening of the railway was stepped up this week. Whilst observing the government Covid-19 virus control regulations, volunteers and staff have been working on various projects.

First, to ensure our two steam locomotives can safely re-enter service, both Kerr, Stuart & Co Ltd, No. 2451 ‘AXE’ and our new build ‘LYN’ were given their Annual Boiler Test. We are pleased to confirm that both engines successfully passed the test.

1. LYN is now ready to provide another year of service.

Last Wednesday, volunteer Keith Jarratt was captured by our roving cameraman repainting the canopy overhanging the Woody Bay platform. Other parts of the building are receiving attention prior to the start of this year’s running season.

2. Keith Jarratt wears his overalls once again.

At Chelfham on Wednesday, volunteer Keith Lamprey was found replacing the time expired rotting gate post at the entrance to the station site.

3. L&B volunteer Keith Lamprey beside the post hole.

There I was digging this hole
A hole in the ground
So big and sort of round.........

                            Bernard Cribbins (1962)

 4. The old rotting post laid alongside the brand new replacement.

5.  The new post seated in the ground with the gate attached.

Unfortunately, it was not until last Wednesday was it realised that the two posts holding up the adjoining fence were also in need of replacement. Two new posts have now been ordered from a timber supplier. In the meantime, the fence has been left in place and will be rebuilt as soon as possible.

Words by Chris Dadson, Photo 1 unknown, others by Julian Palmer.

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