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Lockdown March Update – L&B Reopening Plans

Following on from the Government announcement on 22nd February, the Ops Group and CIC Board have reviewed and assessed the guidance given as to how it affects the L&B.

The guidance indicated that theme parks and attractions may be allowed to reopen from 12th April 2021 if the reduction in Covid cases and hospitalisations continues as expected. This does mean that the Railway cannot reopen before that date.

Further guidance will emerge from the Government, the HRA and other bodies which we will continue to keep under review however, the Board have decided that we will continue to plan for a possible reopening (still under Covid safe protocols) on 12th April but that it may not be possible to open at that time.

If we are unable to open from 12th April, the next date in the Government guidance suggests it will be possible to open the Railway is after 17th May.

The Government announcement states that the legal requirement to stay at home ceases on 29th March. This, together with the rapid roll out of vaccinations, may be that some volunteers may wish to return to work at Woody Bay or Chelfham. There is a great deal of work needed and it would be great to have larger numbers to help us catch up with maintenance and move forward on some projects such as the restoration of Charles Whytock. However, it is important that we continue to manage our activities in a Covid safe manner so we will publish revised guidance to volunteers as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, if you would like to volunteer please feel free to email us or call 01598 763487and leave a message.

Malcolm Smith
Managing Director L&BR

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