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Construction of the New Tea Room

Stuart Nelhams, the L&BR’s General Manager has submitted the following images showing the construction start of the New Team Room at Woody Bay.

1.  With the marquee gone, the untouched site of the construction.

2.  A later view, showing the former surface now removed.

3.  The route of the Tea Room drainage pipe between the station building and the signal cabin.

4.  The drainage pipe then bears right across the platform in front of the signal cabin.

5.  Here the foundation work has been completed and the shuttering is now in place.

6.  And here is another view looking towards the A39 with the reinforcing in place.

7.  Concrete raft now laid.

8.  Drainage channel at the back of the foundation work.

9.  View of the completed concrete base.

10.  Another view of the completed concrete base from the station platform.

11.  At last the scaffolding is erected in anticipation of the new building.

12.  And the last image in this report shows another view of the scaffolding erected awaiting the start of the new building.

All photos by Stuart Nelhams.


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