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Chelfham signals progress (26th May & 6th June 2021)

This work report focuses on the installation of the 'Down' Starter signal post..... 

1. Chris Lane and Keith Lamprey discover the exact position of the down starter signal by carefully digging around the remains of the SR concrete post.

2. The reinforcing steel bars are exposed.

3. Then its a lunch break!

4. The hole is now dug to the required depth.

5. The new wooden post is positioned ready to slide into the hole.

6. With the post in place, tamping and packing is done to check that it's vertical.

7. Completed and ready to be fitted out in due course.

The completed 'Up' Starting Signal.....

8. Dave Stockwell has completed the fitting out of the 'Up' Starting Signal. 

9. Chelfham Station 'Up' platform with the completed signal, June 2021.

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson (3,8,9) and Barry Marshall (1,2,4,5,6,7).

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