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Chelfham report- Wednesday 19th May

More progress to report here after the recent removal of the post-war extension and erection of the 'Up' starting signal post.

1 & 2. The day began with a delivery of road planings. The Nick Ager driver kindly tipped the piles onto the 'Up' platform.

3. Then a morning of spreading and raking it out all along the restored platform.

4. We hired a whacker plate, which Andy Hearn began using to compact the road planings smooth and level along the platform. 

5. Andy compacts the planings right up the garage doors whilst Anne Belsey watches on.

6. Already the planings are drying out as the area around the ‘Up’ starting signal is packed.

7. All complete.

8. Chelfham Station ‘Up’ platform.

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson and Barry Marshall (5,6,7).

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