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Bratton Fleming Station for sale – Friends of Bratton

Roger Kidner at Bratton Fleming Station

Earlier this year in March, the former Bratton Fleming station (now a private residence renamed ‘Long Acre’) came on the market. Initial steps were taken to found a scheme to secure the property, just before the COVID-19 lock-down started - and then the disappointing news arrived that the vendors had been made - and accepted - an offer from an unknown third party.

But at the end of May, an eagle-eyed L&B member noticed that the ‘Under Offer’ banner on the estate agents’ website was missing - and the station appeared to be once again for sale? The agents were contacted; they confirmed that due to various problems with the buyers, the property was indeed again on the market – and so there is another chance to attempt the purchase. The window of opportunity is small, as others have apparently expressed interest in the property, so time is of the essence.

But how to raise the funds? - And quickly?

The lead is being taken by Exmoor Associates; while EA does hold cash reserves, these fall far short of the asking price for Bratton Fleming station.

The idea opted for is to seek 700 donors, each willing to donate £500 to become a ‘Friend of Bratton’, which should raise enough capital to meet the asking price ~ plus the associated costs and legal fees. There would be no upper limit to the number of £500 ‘slots’ each donor could secure. Friends of Bratton, while set up initially through the efforts of EA directors and shareholders, is intended to be a stand-alone organisation, with its own management team, but working closely with EA and the L&BR Trust.

Would you like to become a Friend of Bratton, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a positive contribution to the eventual reinstatement of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway?

This is open to all ~ and is not restricted solely to members of the L&BR Trust, nor to just shareholders in Exmoor Associates.

If this scheme turns out ultimately to be unsuccessful, all Friends of Bratton will have their monies returned.

An alternative, open to those unable to make such a large donation to become a FoB, is to donate via the Just Giving website where an account has been set up.

Click here to Help raise £10,000 to help fund the purchase of Bratton Fleming Railway Station, Devon, England, for eventual use by the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

For further details on joining Friends of Bratton, please contact David Cameron (Not the former PM!) by email to david @



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