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Boring news from North Devon March 2021


An update from the Construction and Design Group

Following on from the trial pit investigations carried out at Killington Lane and Parracombe Lane cuttings during December, a second batch of ground investigation works have just been completed.  This work included 6 boreholes as well as further trial pits.

The samples and observations from these works will provide foundation design data for bridge 65 at Killington Lane, bridge 56 at Blackmoor Gate and the workshop and yard at Blackmoor Gate.  Two boreholes were drilled into the existing embankments at Rowley Moor and Lower Rowley to enable an assessment of their strength and stability for reuse. Lower Rowley embankment is an impressive earthwork, similar in size to Parracombe Bank that partially collapsed under pressure of flood water during 1952.

Trial pits were dug to investigate the nature of material in the infilled cutting each side of the at A399 at Blackmoor Gate. Soil samples were also taken to assess any potential contamination at the Exmoor National Park carpark site, the location of a former petrol filling station and from the Old Blackmoor Gate Hotel site where the railway carpark will be built.

The samples taken have to go away to labs for analysis.  When the results come back they are appraised and our consultants will prepare reports that will be used to discharge certain planning conditions. 

John Barton L&BR Trustee

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