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Heritage Carriages Project

Although we were fortunate to receive grant funding for both №s 16 & 11, carriage №s 7 & 17 were funded entirely through the support of several generous members and the L&BR Trust's own efforts.

However, further funds are still required if the Heritage Carriage Project is to continue to produce further examples of the original rolling stock. We have some components for carriage №s 4, 5, 6 & 9. We also have sections of a Howard Van and a four-wheel goods van. Which is why we still have to raise even more funds if we want to see these vehicles recreated.  Please contribute if you can. All contributions should be marked ‘Heritage Vehicles’ to ensure that it will be put into this specific project.

Please click HERE to make a contribution. Thank you for your continued support of our railway.

Pilton East Carriage & Wagon Workshop

21st April 2015

Carriage 11 leaves Pilton East - a few photos of the start of the carriage's journey home.

1. After much careful pushing, lifting, shoving, grunting and groaning, Carriage 11 emerges into the spring sunlight for the first time.

2. Due to the angle and road width, minor adjustments were continuously being made to ensure a smooth and trouble free move.

3. Lots of eyes watching for snags or problems!

4. Some of the team pose for a photo by the carriage. The photo taken by master craftsman Tony Ely.

5. Carriage 11 Ready for loading.

6, 7 & 8. Gently does it onto the low-loader.

9. The carriage starts its journey south in the wonderful spring sunshine.

10. Out through the Hunnable Industrial Estate at Great Yeldham......

11.....and off into the distance.

12. A careful turn right, and that's the last I will see of Carriage 11 until the Spring Vintage Weekend on the 9th and 10th of May 2015. Please make a special effort to come and see us there!

As always, a special thank you to everyone at Duncan Milner Haulage!

Text by Dave Ely. Photos 1, 4, 7, 8 & 9 by Tony Ely. 2, 3 & 6 by Dave Gandell and 5, 6, 10, 11 & 12 by Dave Ely.

16th April

This report from Dave Gandell.

The Tuesday team Steve Arthurs ,Tony & Dave Ely, Dave Gandell,John Myhill,Charles Summers & Richard Wadeson have been making steady progress

We still have several pieces of original carriages. These are being refurbished and then stored for when they are required.

Wood panels being painted in readiness for use inside carriage compartments.

Pilton EAST's new "weapons grade" sales stand.

Carriage 11 looking magnificent. The Bogie has been returned and refitted and the vehicle is destined to leave for Woody Bay in time for the Spring Vintage Weekend.

21st February - two sets of photos this time!

1. Trust Chairman Peter Miles visited Great Yeldham this week and sent us this report:

I took a few photos this week of carriage No. 11. Rather constricted access but the quality is clear enough. The coach will be delivered to Woody Bay in late April ready for unveiling at the May Gala. Despite the excellent finish there will be still more varnish applied before leaving Great Yeldham.

2. Second batch of photos received this week - this time from Dave Ely.

Let there be light! Carriage No.11 with the lights connected and in operation

How about that then?

28th January

Our thanks to Dave Gandell for these photos.

1. John Myhill finishes the floor slats in the last compartment of coach 11.

2. Derrick Plyer & 3. Steve Arthurs cleaning up components from various carriages, ready to be incorporated in future re builds.

4. Dave Ely at work.

5. What we start out with.

14th January

The Tuesday Team are back in action!

John Myhill (TOP) and Dave Gandell (ABOVE) set about installing the Mark 2 type floor slats in Carriage No.11.

This new type of slat will be retro-fitted to all of the carriages prior the main summer season.

Meanwhile, Charles Summers was involved in wiring up the compartment lights.

Although not photographed, Dave Ely was also on site, busy in the wood working shop.

Words and photos Dave Gandell

1st December

The Tuesday Team has now increased to five: Dave Ely, Dave Gandell, John Myhill, Martin Tester and Charles Summers.

The carriage is albeit finished and just requires some general tidying up including applying non-slip paint to the running boards and a further coat of varnish to the ventilators. So here are some photos of the almost completed carriage which is expected to travel south sometime before the May Gala.

1. The completed roof.

2...and the "Smoking" end of the carriage.

Other activities involved freeing a Wren that had flown in to the work shop accidentally.

Dave Gandell

14th November

Well it's been a while and the volunteering days are still under revision, but Pilton East Tuesday team of Dave Ely, Dave Gandell, John Myhill, and Charles Summers are back in action as of 11/11/2014.

1. John continues with the door varnishing.

2. Dave Ely.....

3.....and Charles Summers concentrate on fitting....

4....the lamp tops.....

5...and Dave applies the fifth and last coat of paint to the roof.

Dave Gandell

7th October

More photos from Dave Gandell taken Wednesday 2nd October. Apologies for the delay in uploading, this was due to catching up with ourselves after a very busy gala weekend.

Revised Volunteer open days and times are to be published shortly. Meanwhile on Wednesday 1st October, Dave Ely continued to machine the door ventilator louvre's whilst Dave Gandell was busy varnishing the drop lights and other items.

1. Carriage No.11. under wraps.

2. John Myhill varnishing the door frames.

3. Charles Summers fixing the interior lights.

25th September.

Dave Gandell sent us these photos taken Tuesday at Great Yeldham.

1. Charles Summers and Dave Gandell were both busy installing the Hat Racks.

2. Dave Ely screwing down the flooring.

3. Meanwhile John Myhill was sanding and painting the door ventilator louvres...

4...and varnishing the door strap rollers.

5. Almost there - Charles looks ready to call it a day.

21st September

Dave Gandell has sent us this latest batch of photos.

1. Ron Hill, retired Chairman of the Essex Group made an unexpected visit today. Ron was the driving force behind setting up the workshop at Great Yeldham.

2. Ron "inspects" No.11.

3 & 4. Dave Ely busy painting doors.

5. John Myhill also engaged on painting. Dave Gandell and Charles Summers were busy elsewhere.

6. The completed interior.

9th September

A few photos from last Saturday at Great Yeldham, with work being undertaken on all fronts. Richard Bullock, Dave Ely, John Myhill, Julia Snashall, Pete Snashall and Martin Tester could be found sanding, painting, varnishing, measuring, fitting, filling, machining...


Pete Snashall

4th September

Latest set of photos from Dave Gandell.

1. Chas Summers (right) welcomes (interviews?) new member/volunteer John Myhill (left) to E .A.S.T.

2. Richard Bullock - sanding down ready for another coat.

3. Dave Ely hangs the last door.

4. The last door in place.

5. Chas Summers fixing the lamp bracket to the non-smoking end.

6. Latest recruit John Myhill on sanding duties. These are the movable partitions.

7. All the doors fitted - spot the refurbished original door.

8. From the non-smoking end - getting there.

9. Keeping a tradition. The names of those present when the last door was hung.

10. That's four-a-side! Carriage 11 was built in 1898 as a 56 seat all-third; having 7 compartments seating 8 per compartment. In the 21st century we use three-a-side giving a total maximum carrying capacity of 42.

11. You won't get these hinges at B&Q! Check one out next time you are at Woody Bay.

12. Varnished carriage floor slats drying.

13. View of the non-smoking end. Steps, Lamp bracket and vacuum pipe fitted. Handrail next.

Photos Dave Gandell.

1st September

More photos of Carriage 11's progress:

1. Boarding the roof - Anne Belsey and David Ely. Note carriage fully glazed.

2. 14/8/14 - Roof boarded out.

3. 15/8/14 - Canvas adhesive being applied.

4. 16/8/14 - Canvas on and guttering being attached.

5. Inside - all painting and varnishing complete.

6. Metal door panels pre-painted.

7. Original heritage doors from 1897 refurbished.

8. Doors pre-varnished.....

9. .....and pre-painted prior to hanging.

10. Steps and pipe fitted to smoking end.

11. 2 x glass coats on roof. 4 more to go.

12. 29/8/14 - side view with doors fitted.

13. 1/9/14 - Richard Bullock painting the sliding shutters. These are fitted between the compartments and can be dropped down in summer.

We're nearly there!

Tony Ely.

21st August

Dave Gandell has once again supplied us with this week's photos.  Hard at work were Anne Belsey, Tony Ely, David Ely, Dave Gandell, Charles Summers and Martin Tester.

1. Making plans.

2. David, Charles and Tony still planning.

3. Carriage 11 has a roof.

4. And as of 19th August looks like this.

15th August

This report from Dave Gandell "All in a day's work." Tuesday 12th August

The roof is now on and fastened down with the help of 944 screws....


.....which required 3776 separate individual hand movements: 1 drill hole. 2 countersink it. 3 insert screw. Screw in screw.

Anne Belsey and Dave Gandell assisted with the sanding and filling, whilst David Ely is thankful for the invention of power tools.

Meanwhile constructing the lamp top base plates was being undertaken by Tony Ely.

12th August

The latest photos from this weekend at Great Yeldham from Pete Snashall.

1. Derek glossing hat rack supports.

2. Whilst Richard finishes off the internal gloss work.

3. The multi talented David does the washing up!

4. After rubbing down, Julia and David clean up ready for the second coat of undercoat.

5. Meanwhile, Tony and Derek make a start on the roof top lamp bases (colloquially known as "Dinner Plates")


6 - 8. Not exactly 50 shades of grey!. Richard and Julia apply the second undercoat - This time dark grey.

9 - 10. Second undercoat complete.

8th August

This latest series of pictures from Tony Ely.

1&2. Screw heads being painted.

3. Kent Group volunteer Anne Belsey varnishing the inside door panels.

The next few pictures were taken 1st August 2014

4. Non-Smoking end - carriage glazing is now fitted.

5. View of the glazed carriage from the Smoking end - the double window is the clue.

6. Leon Ely fitting running boards.

7. A fitted Running board.

8. View from inside the Smoking end - glass installed - communication cord housing being fitted.

9. From the Smoking end - glass installed - looking down through the carriage.

31st July

Two more updates this week - the first from Pete Snashall:

The current summer weather has made for some challenging and unpleasant conditions at Great Yeldham with temperatures regularly exceeding 30 degrees in the workshop. However, the work continues...

1. Tony Ely...

2. ... Julia Snashall and David Horsfall were busy sanding down in preparation for further coats of paint ...

3. ... while Dave Ely continues with the woodwork.


4 - 9 David, Julia, Pete and Richard apply the first undercoat.

10. Tony applies the second coat of undercoat to the body panels.

11. First undercoat complete ready for rubbing down and the next coat.

12. Alan Coney - unable to get to Great Yeldham - has been busy with some of the signwriting at his home in Ashford.

Although not in any of the photos, mention must also be made of Anne Belsey, Martin Tester and Sheila Ely who have also been busy at Great Yeldham.


The second from Dave Gandell:  The carriage glazing arrived this week.

1. Tony Ely begins glazing the top lights.

2. Charles Summers and Anne Belsey discuss the newly arrived glazing.

3. Charles working on the hat rack supports.


4. Anne Belsey, our Kent Group Volunteer, busy painting the window beads.

Others not seen - Dave Ely fitting the communication cord housing and Dave Gandell more sanding and filing.

22nd July

The updates are coming thick and fast these days. This latest one from master craftsman Tony Ely.

Just a few more photos of carriage No.11. The last two taken 21st July.

1. Roof ribs and bulkhead fixed.

2. Another view of the roof ribs from inside.

3. Another view from inside - looking towards the "SMOKING" end.

4. Body panels - first undercoat - light grey.

5. Waist panels first coat of gloss white.

6. Body panels second undercoat - dark grey - FIREWOOD 75p a Bag!

7. Body panels first coat of dark Indian Red gloss paint.

8. The carriage body is now fully primed.

Photos and Text Tony Ely

21st July

All in a days work at Great Yeldham - a few photos taken last week by Dave Gandell.

Dave Gandell on varnishing and wood staining.

Charles Summers fixing the Running Board brackets.

Dave Ely continuing work on the cant rail.

All on three mugs of tea on a very hot day!

Photos and text Dave Gandell

17th July

Another report from Pete and Julia Snashall!

1. Cant rails fitted and lifting bars in place. No.11 is ready to join it's underframe.

2. & 3. David Horsfall, Julia Snashall and Tony Ely prepare the rubber mounting strips for the underframe.

4. ....Whilst Richard Bullock applies the final coat of gloss to the roof boards.

5. With the jacks in place...

6. the slack is taken up....

7. and No.11 is slowly lifted clear....

8. of the supporting sleepers....

9.& 10. which are then removed.....

11. ready for the underframe to be positioned underneath the bodywork.

12. The fit is millimeter perfect.... 13. as the body is lowered onto the underframe.

14. 15. & 16. 11 makes it's first journey, albeit a few feet to the other end of the workshop!

17. The team pause for a breather!

18 - 22. Julia & Pete make a start on the paintwork.

11th July

Dave Gandell has sent us this update:

1. Tony and David Ely mortising and fitting floor boards.

2. Sheila Ely sanding down the carriage ends.

3. WIth the cant rail fitted (the bit at the top) the carriage assembly is almost complete.

4. Dave Gandell has just applied a final coat of varnish.

5. Pilton East regular - Richard Bullock sands down roof boards.

6. Chas Summers cleans up a carriage step plate.

10th July

A few photos from Pilton East showing the progress of Carriage 11.

1. Tony Ely and Richard Bullock discuss the day's plan.

2. Julia Snashall applies stain to one of the refurbished original seats.

3. Richard undercoating roof ribs and bulkhead trims.

4. Tony, David Ely and an unseen Leon Ely fit the dividing wall between the "smoking" and "non-smoking" sections of the coach.

5. Preparing the windows for glazing.

6. Julia applies varnish to the previously stained seat.

7. The fruit of Richard's handiwork.

8. Cant rail machined and ready to fit.

9. Primed body panels laid out ready for undercoating.

10, 11, 12 and .......

13.....Detail of the coach construction.

Pete Snashall

27th June

How we assembled the body of No.11  in 6 hours on  27th June 2014

Photos by Tony Ely

10th June

1. Leon Ely completed screwing the seat slats in position

2. Roof Beams had their first coat of undercoat

3. Richard Bullock on his way home after two days of grafting

4. Charles Summers with the steel plating that will be attached to the underframe to further support the sole bars

5. Ditto - with the carriage end framework beyond


28th April

Some photos taken last week by Dave Gandell

1. & 2. Carriage No. 11s underframe arrives and is guided onto the temporary track

3. A hand operated pallet truck also arrived today.

4. Refurbishing original 3rd class seats

5. Tony and Sheila Ely with a VIP.

10th April

Just a few photos from Dave Gandell

1. Lyn Cohen and Richard Bullock admiring the setting up of the Sole Bars for assembly.

2. More benchwork!

3. Chas Summers and Malcolm Cohen just posing!

26th March

First off few pics from Pete Snashall taken over the past couple of weekends.

With the bulk of the machining now complete assembling the bodywork for No.11 can now start in earnest. Also, as can be seen full use is being made of the extra space afforded by our new workshop to get as much painting done before final assembly commences.

1. David Ely prepares the joints in a window frame ready for assembly.

2. Carriage ends and compartment side.

3. The next section starts to take shape.

4. David, Tony and Julia pause (pose?) for the camera.

5. Richard, David and Julia take a break from sanding and painting duties to enjoy a cuppa.

6. This photo shows all the internal boarding for carriage №11.

And these just in from Dave Gandell:

1. Charles and Martin continuing the sanding.

2. Internal planking already painted.

3. Dave & Tony and Leon Ely with assembled side and cross section framework.

15th March

Latest happenings at Great Yeldham from Pete Snashall

1. Tony busy machining roof ribs.

2. Completed window frame tops.

3. Door kits ready to assemble.

4. Julia, Richard and Derek on the painting "production line".

5. Julia attends to one of the most important jobs of the day.

6. Still plenty to do - New Volunteers always welcome!

3rd March:

This time just three views from Dave Gandell.

Charles machining luggage rack supports.

Martin and Dave sorting and sanding seat slats.

19th February:

The news is coming thick and fast from Great Yeldham!  These photos taken over the last couple of weeks come from Kent Based Trustee Pete Snashall

1,2,3,4,5 & 6. The "kit of parts" grows! David and Tony Ely have been busy machining woodwork for Carriage 11.

7,8 & 9. Sheila Ely, Richard Bullock and Julia Snashall have been busy sanding, painting and varnishing.

10. 7 compartments, 14 seats, 17 slats per seat, equals 238 slats - 2 coats of varnish required per slat.
Keep up the good work Richard!

11. The stack of compartment panels to the right of Julia will need priming, rubbing down, undercoating, rubbing down and top coating. And that's just the start........Any L&B Members from Essex, Kent or even further afield willing to lend a hand would be more than welcome to join us.

Photos Pete Snashall

16th February

Dave Gandell has sent us some more photos of work in progress at Great Yeldham.

Not all the work undertaken at Great Yeldham is entirely devoted to the heritage carriages - here are Messrs Summers and Ely are "getting down" to finish off the installation of a hot water system.

And as if by magic - Pilton East has hot water at last!

The seat frames for coach 11 are currently being stored in Van 23 - now that gives me an idea!

The "Great Hall" at Pilton East awaits the arrival of carriage 11's underframe - due to arrive later this month.

Photos by Dave Gandell.

5th February

Sylvia Gandell recently sent us these photos of work in progress at Great Yeldham.

1. Chas Summers on pipes and Dave Gandell on camera - the Great Yeldham plumbing team!

2. A "serious" lunch break at Pilton East.

3. Bob Self welding sections of square tube ready for the arrival of coach 11's underframe. Third class seats in the foreground.

Incidentally, the L&BR Trustees recently held one of their board meetings at Great Yeldham so were able to see for themselves the new improved facilities.

19th January

A few pictures from Pete Snashall showing ongoing progress at Great Yeldham.

1. General view showing Van 23 on the right.

2. The seats taking shape.

3. Roof ribs awaiting machining.

4. Roof rib clamped in the forming jig.

5. End frames....the rest will start to appear over the next few weeks.

6. Internal backs, compartment sides, compartment walls, compartment dividers and door panels being cut and....

7.....stacked ready for painting.

8. Tony Ely and Julia Snashall admiring the day's handiwork!

December 2nd - 12" to the foot modelling!

Tony Ely has just sent this batch of photos showing current progress of carriage №11. 

1. Floor boards being cut to size.

2. Running boards and roof boards before machining with floor boards stacked ready for machining.

3. Floor boards machined and seat sections on setting out table.

4. Seat slats machined awaiting sanding and varnishing.

5. Running boards finished and primed.

6. Seat sections and end mouldings ready for setting out.

7. Rear seat legs ready for morticing.

8. Making the circles for the corner quadrants for the window beads.

Photos and Text: Tony Ely

November 25th

First pictures of №11 sent in by Tony Ely. About 4.5 tons of timber in total delivered earlier this month. Does not look like a carriage and not exactly a flat pack either!

Meanwhile, at Boston Lodge, the underframe is taking shape - two years to the month since carriage 17's underframe was constructed here, making this the fourth L&B underframe in two years. Now that's progress! (Photo Murray Dods)

October 2nd

Until now EAST construction has been located in the end section of a WW II aircraft hangar which by its nature is large, cold and draughty – not an ideal environment for the creation of heritage vehicles. However, Pilton EAST is on the move to a stand-alone, self-contained, weather-proof (no more leaky roofs!) building on the same industrial estate. Having space-heating, decent electrics, toilets, kitchen, mess room, meeting room and a great deal of floor space available for both workshop and storage use, the building being self-contained will also be more secure. The next carriage -№11 - a seven compartment all third vehicle - is to be built at this new location.

Grant funding has been secured from the Coastal Communities Fund for the total build costs of this vehicle with delivery anticipated to be September 2014.


19th September

A few days later than expected carriage №16 has now left Great Yeldham for Woody Bay:

L&B Trust Chairman Peter Miles was at Great Yeldham to record the carriage as it was about to leave on it's road journey back to North Devon.

The third L&B heritage carriage to be restored in Essex should join No's 7 & 17 at Woody Bay some time this morning...

Here are some more recent photos of carriage №16 due to depart Great Yeldham soon.

1. "Indian" red and cream.

2. "Smoking" compartment to the right.

3. Looking towards the guards compartment end.

4. Looking towards the "Smoking" compartment end.

Heritage Carriage Update 13th September

Some more photos of the progress of carriage 16.

1. One of the fitted seats in the "smoking" compartment.

2. The right-hand Guards ducket being lifted into position by Leon and David.

3. The left-hand ducket is lifted into place - job completed - nice fit.

4. Carriage 16 stands in it's first coat of undercoat - 5pm Saturday 6th September.

5. A view of the other side.

Rather fittingly carriage 16 is due to leave Great Yeldham for Woody Bay on the 16th September - ISAAC is expected to arrive at Woody Bay a few days later.

Update - 20th August

Progress has been excellent - as can be seen from the photos below. The original parts incorporated into this "rebuild" include the door bolts from carriage №1 - which stood at Snapper Halt for many years before eventually being burned. The slats for the third class seats are away being varnished and will be installed on their return to Great Yeldham. The roof needs a few more coats of oil paint before the final white is applied – the red is quite fetching! The guard’s duckets are being finished in the joinery shop and will be installed shortly. All 16 doors are on site and will be hung next week. Final painting is to follow, then the coach will be ready for delivery to Woody Bay in time for the September Gala. Three heritage carriages at Woody Bay - bet many of you never though you would see that? The low-loader is already booked!

Photos by Peter Miles

Here are views of the stunning 1st class interiors in carriage 17.  Photos by Tony Ely.

1. View of the complete upholstered 1st class compartment.

3. Buttoned-in door panel of the 1st class compartment.

2. Fittingly Tony Ely's wife Sheila became the first person to sit upon the hallowed cushions.

4. The buttoned-in leather of the door panel of the 1st class coupe.

5. Sheila also had the honour of being the first person to sit in the luxurious 1st Class observation coupe.

Here are three photos showing the progress of carriage 16.

1. The body of 16 is now bolted to the underframe and now moves on it's own wheels as a complete unit.

2. Next job - the roof canvas is laid ready for fixing.

3. Final view showing the roof canvas in position.

More great work by Tony and his team at Great Yeldham.

Master craftsman Tony Ely recently sent us these four photos from Great Yeldham showing the astonishing progress of Carriage 16.

1. The commencement of the installation of the floor.

2. The roof ribs installed awaiting the prepainted roof boarding.

3. Beginning to install the roof boards. The conduit for the electric lighting is visible running down the centre line. Also note the fixed panelled wall of the "smoking compartment" as well as the repaired/restored section of external framing on the left.

4. A view along the roof awaiting its canvas covering.

Friday 12th July

Coach 16 continues to make progress as these photos taken earlier this week during a visit by Peter Miles clearly show.


Significant progress in the last week so a few more pics...... Kent based Trustee Pete Snashall has sent us a further photo update from Great Yeldham continuing the amazing progress of Carriage 16.

Sunday 30th June

Pete applies the first coat of "Guard Van Grey".

This is the van end of №16 - which is slightly shorter than №17's.

View across what will be 4 compartments and Guards Van.

Pete works on the non-guards van end.

29th June - 9.15 Saturday morning

Less than a week since the last photos were taken. Coach 16 starts to take shape.

David Ely busy restoring some of the original timber framing from Coach 16.

Close-up views of David's work. Rotten and missing timber has been replaced and will be machined to match the original profile.

Sunday 23rd June

The body sections are now complete. Julia starts varnishing. The opportunity is being taken to undertake much of the painting and varnishing of what will become the internal surfaces of Coach 16, speeding up what was previously a laborious process on 7 & 17.

David Horsfall completes the varnishing of the seats assembled by Norman yesterday.

A workshop full of drying paint and varnish. With all these parts ready to assemble Coach 16 will start to take shape very soon.

Sunday Lunch at Great Yeldham - David Horsfall and Julia Snashall are still smiling. Volunteers have been on site 7 days this week.

Saturday 22nd June

Leon Ely (right) prepares a drilling jig for window framing, whilst  Richard and David finish the last of the body sections.

Two weeks on and it's like deja-vu, however, this time it's white gloss for the roof boards.

Half-way there! Still the rest of that stack to go. Alan continues painting whilst Norman Willsher assembles seat frameworks and Julia prepares battens for the drying planks .

Norman makes light work of assembling the seat "kit of parts".

New colour! Magnolia top coat for the internal panels.

Richard and David finishing off the last body section.

Thursday 13th June

Having made the journey to Alan's garage in Ashford the floor board planks receive two coats of varnish.

Saturday 8th June

David Ely, Sheila Ely and Surrey Group Member Richard Bullock sand newly machined seat components.

The main body framework starts to come together.

Seat frames awaiting assembly.

Preformed and machined roof timbers.

Machined floor boards stacked ready for varnishing.

Alan Coney undercoats roof boards.

Production line in full swing! Rubbing down and undercoating internal wall boards.

Sheila and Richard rubbing down more internal woodwork.

As Sheila continues rubbing down the previously primed timber in the foreground Alan and Pete continue undercoating. The painted planks are then laid out on the underframe to dry.

Corporate Supporters - Where to Stay

The Denes Fox and Goose Highfield House Lynton Cottage Moorlands North Cliff Sinai House