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All Aboard Appeal - Honour Roll


This Honour Roll is our way of thanking those who have generously given their financial support to the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust by contributing to our bold vision of extending the railway beyond Killington Lane to Blackmoor



Key facts: A total of some 370 very generous folk have donated approximately £144,400 including some £7,200 donated by 40 non-members. In addition, £18,800 has been claimed in Gift Aid

We thank all these contributors for their generous investment in all our future:

Martin Swainson Hon. Treasurer

A023 A036 A037 A042 A072 A092 A105 A109
B011 B036 B041 B045 B068 B069 B097 B100
B128 B133 B174 B187 B193 B197 B234 B241
B253 B254 B268 B288 B310 B319 B342 B352
B359 B362 B366 B369 B379 B383 B386 B404
B423 B434 C002 C052 C075 C087 C092 C104
C108 C109 C140 C142 C160 C162 C164 C170
C175 C179 C186 C189 C190 C194 C196 C205
C213 C215 C216 C218 C235 C236 C239 C247
C248 C255 C267 D002 D005 D016 D027 D035
D040 D047 D057 D067 D077 D099 D107 D126
D133 D134 D147 D152 D156 D161 D181 D185
E002 E035 E043 E054 E073 E085 F016 F031
F038 F050 F057 F094 F095 F103 F105 F111
F112 G013 G036 G050 G050 G063 G070 G098
G111 G122 G125 G126 G132 G144 G150 G152
G156 G170 G177 H008 H016 H109 H120 H131
H137 H154 H163 H170 H185 H193 H215 H229
H232 H238 H240 H258 H260 H262 H263 H267
H272 H292 I008 J005 J017 J036 J040 J043
J045 J053 J055 J070 J073 J076 J078 K005
K031 K038 K049 K071 L023 L024 L062 L111
L115 L117 L119 L124 L128 L131 L143 M008
M011 M023 M033 M043 M047 M056 M066 M090
M092 M114 M116 M119 M133 M165 M169 M170
M193 M201 M206 M217 M237 M240 M248 N003
N007 N009 N011 N013 N028 N037 N038 N048
N052 O007 O045 O050 O051 O054 O055 P002
P007 P011 P012 P014 P023 P035 P042 P060
P067 P099 P121 P122 P126 P140 P143 P154
P168 P188 P190 R020 R030 R035 R044 R070
R087 R131 R133 R139 R144 R150 R179 S001
S009 S018 S025 S054 S059 S059 S060 S067
S082 S083 S084 S094 S107 S135 S196 S209
S234 S236 S242 S247 S256 S260 S269 S288
S290 S304 S309 S313 S330 S335 S352 T027
T046 T056 T074 T092 T103 T125 T131 T155
U005 V024 W006 W035 W090 W095 W096 W105
W121 W122 W132 W154 W161 W165 W198 W212
W218 W219 W223 W227 W233 W239 W255 W256
W260 W270 W284 W289 Y003 Y010    

... and a 41 further contributors who wish to remain anonymous.

As we are keen to acknowledge all those who support us and contribute to the cause, if after you have contributed your name or number does not appear here, or if you would prefer that your name and/or amount be published, please do get in touch


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