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General Manager's Equipment Fund

General Manager's Equipment Fund

As most will be aware the L&B's General Manager Martyn Budd has been steadily building up a collection of signalling equipment and other items needed for the future.

Through your recent generosity he has been able to obtain Tyer's as well as a quantity of other signalling items.

Martyn is now in hot pursuit of various items of station furniture. So if you can support Martyn in his quest just follow THIS LINK, mentioning "GMEF" as the appropriate fund.

Your contribution (plus Gift Aid, if your contribution qualifies) will be put to very good use as part of the next phase in the development of the L&B.

Our valued Treasurer, Martin Swainson has asked us to point out that the Gift Aid claimed against a specific request does NOT go into the General Fund but into the fund specified by you. 

For example, the Gift Aid claimed against the General Managers Fund will be deposited into the GM's Fund,  The same applies to all such "designated funds" such as heritage vehicles, the purchase of trackbed etc. Just tell us where you want to put it when making your contribution and that is where it will go. 

Martin is able to quote how much each individual contributor's GA is worth. Just send him an email or letter. His contact details can be found in every edition of the L&BR Magazine.

All contributions will be acknowledged and recorded.

Here are some of the items of equipment already obtained for the L&B using the General Manager's Equipment Fund.

A London & South Western Evans O'Donnell 4 lever 'knee frame' . After restoration, it is to be used on the extension to Blackmoor

A wagon-load of point rodding

Another view of the point rodding

Finally, this kit of parts to make up even more lever frames
Our thanks to all those generous people who made this purchase possible


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